Data Security and Privacy

Here's another company asking for my data so they can make money off it, right?

Nope - in fact, we are quite the opposite. Transparency is a core value of sustainability and as sustainability people ourselves, we believe in radical transparency. That is why we are going to open up our business model to you - our users. We will tell you exactly why we need your data, what we use it for, and how we plan to guard it with our lives until we will dispose of it.

Why do we need your data

To be able to tell you the best ways to support your causes and save cash, we need to know what you consumed during the day.

We can either ask you to painstakingly input this data every day, which we know you don't have the time for, or with your consent, we can automatically get it from your service providers.

So the next time you need to know if your chicken had a bigger impact than your weekend Netflix session, you don't need to remember to notify us, you'd just have to check GreenerU on your phone.

What we use it for

We use your consumption data for one purpose alone - to give you the best suggestions.

The better data we have, the better analytics we can perform, the more money you can save, the more impact you can reduce, the better you can support your causes.

We have absolutely no other use for your data other than to measure your impact.

How we plan to guard it

As soon as we use your consumption data to quantify your impact, and come up with cool money and planet saving strategies, we get rid of it.

For the incredibly short amount of time we have it, we make sure we store it on the most secure of servers that use the planet's best encryption algorithms. On top of that, we only allow one-way access to them and use secure certification to guarantee that all data remains private between our servers and your laptop.

Go ahead, ask your Apple genius guy if we're right :)