How it all started

Marjolein is like any of us, she works hard, loves to go out for drinks with her friends and travel the world. All the same, Marjolein is eco-conscious and wants to lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. While Marjolein keeps track of her income and expenditure, the food and supplies in her fridge, and physical activity levels, she has no idea how to keep track of her lifestyle’s impact on the environment. Unable to measure the impact of her lifestyle actions, she knows she can’t effectively manage her impact. So she defaults to the one thing she knows – she recycles religiously.

Apart from this, she strongly believes in a couple of causes: paying fair wages to farmers that make her food, and reducing global warming. Marjolein has no money to donate separately to these causes – she would rather support it through her regular lifestyle. However, when Marjolein manages to get to the grocery store, she sees a dozen eco-labels and certifications working furiously to impress her and make her buy those products. Which of these can she trust? Is 100% natural juice actually all natural? She has no friggin’ clue. Next thing we know, we're having bitterballen with Marjolein at her home listening to this story.