Your 10-minute long shower or

Your drive to work or

The Ajax game you went to or

The movie you watched at the cinema or

the broodjekaas that you had for lunch?

the 30 emails you sent today?

the tram ride to the grocery store?

the unspoken number of beers you had last weekend?

your Netflix session over the weekend?

Which one do you think had a bigger impact?

We get it.

Tracking every activity of your lifestyle and measuring its impact is not exactly a piece of cake!

Have you ever ...

Felt greenwashed or misled by the brands that put all these sustainability claims, buzzwords and labels on their products?

Endured the pressure of high, recurring energy bills and wondered how much money you could actually save through just smart energy use habits?

Wondered what the most effective way to reduce your lifestyle's negative social and environmental impact is?

We can help with that

GreenerU is the first app that automatically tracks and measures the impact of all aspects of your lifestyle.

By quantifying the sustainability performance of your various activities, we make it possible to compare them and recommend improvements with the biggest bang for the buck.

Oh, and did we mention that we reward you for good behavior with points that you can use to compete with friends, and win all kinds of discounts & goodies.

It's pretty simple

We track...

your daily lifestyle sustainability levels

You see results in a way you can understand and recieve personalized tips

You improve...

your lifestyle sustainability performance while supporting your causes

You compete with your community

You win...

rewards periodically by leading the most sustainable lifestyle

We help you maintain your sustainable lifestyle

Compete with friends, coworkers and family

Use GreenerU to compete with your friends, family and the broader community on leading more sustainable lifestyles.


Automatic tracking

Is it gonna involve you entering data about your life every day?

Not a chance... No need to input any data. We take that burden on us.

Read more about your data here.


Support causes

Through slight modifications to your purchasing behavior and buying the right products, you can now support causes that you care about; many of them could really use all the help they can get.


Good karma always pays!

Okay, you've played the game, reduced your impact and earned a load of points. Now what?

1. Get back cold hard cash
2. Exchange it for some of our uber-cool prizes


Get Involved!

Be an early adopter

Beta test the app for us. Tell us what's good about it, what we can do better... send us an email and be a part of it.

Spread the word around

Write about us in your blogs, facebook feeds or tweet about us.

Join us

If you think you have the skills to contribute to this project, reach out to us... let's grab a beer!

Want to know how it all got started?

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